Yay! I was nominated to the BRAZILIAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS AWARDS 2015!

press award

Hey guys!

I I was nominated to the BRAZILIAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS AWARDS 2015 for my performance in the show “Infinite While It Lasts”! I am super grateful and honored for this nomination.The show is also running in the Theatre shows category! iAnd together with our talented cast: Cacá Macedo, Christian Perlingiere, Marco De Ornella, Andressa Furletti, Debora Balardini, Fernanda Mello Dos Santos and Sandie Luna !

We are super happy and honored by this recognition of the work. Recognition in the arts is somewhat important because in addition to jolt the claw to continue putting Art in the world, it helps to open doors that help the artwork to exist. The second phase of the award is by popular vote so I would ask for your support voting here: http://www.pressaward.com/votacao/

press awardYou can vote as many times as you want and it ends on Feb 15th!!
Thanks for your support! I wish you all many open doors in 2015!!!